What we do

Welcome to Produsola

Produsola LDA is Mozambique’s leading commercial fruit tree propagation and seedling nursery.


Located in western Mozambique, conveniently situated along the Beira Corridor, Produsola encompasses 50 hectares of beautiful farm land looking South across the waters of Lake Chicamba. The project was established from virgin bush in 2006, when the first shade houses, greenhouse tunnels, packshed, and trial areas were established. Produsola today employs some of the latest computer technology and computerised irrigation systems to mass produce quality trees. 

Produsola prides itself in working to the highest nursery standards, with strict hygiene criteria and growing routines. Trees are of excellent international standards, and marketed locally within Mozambique and for export. Produsola is fully accredited with the South African Citrus Improvement Program, and purchase their certified seed and selected budwood from CRI (Citrus Research International) in Uitenhage.

The project owners and directors, David and Kathie Sole, have over fifty years of large scale commercial cropping and propagation experience between them. Their senior management team incorporates six knowledgeable area managers. Produsola aims to challenge the most established and successful propagation nurseries in the world, and are driving to make Produsola the best renowned fruit tree nursery in Southern Africa.